The Simple Things


Living in the sticks wins sometimes. All those times when the internet is dead (again) aside; it isn’t half bad.

This Saturday we had lovely friends and our godsons up to visit. Rather than spending a fortune finding a zoo, or petting farm for entertainment we took them out for a walk.

Our little village has a lovely walk down to the beautiful Crook of Lune.

We walked, paddled in the river, threw tennis balls for a stranger’s overly friendly spaniel, poked a dead frog with a stick and hunted for sandpiper nest holes in the banking alongside the river.

I chatted to Jonny’s 7 year old godson about everything from his new class at school to his Lego castle set up to imitate Jack and the Beanstalk. It made me a little sad that I’m not teaching the Year 3 cuties in September. Although once I’m back in with my Year 6 bunch next month I’m sure I’ll be more than happy that I’ve got them instead!

Sometimes the simplest days out are the best. What do you think? Can you recommend any other similar days out in the North of England?

4 thoughts on “The Simple Things”

  1. Sounds lovely.Not long ago I had a simular day out in kirkby lonsdale with my sisters family,messing about in the river.:) we found a frog too (alive,this one) and did lots of paddling.


  2. I was thinking today about how I really miss living near somewhere pretty. I appreciate the convenience of living in a big city, but I’d love to be able to walk out of the front door and see lovely countryside.


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