4 Highlights: March 2016


Little GiftsIt’s been a while since I did a 4 highlights round up. As always, work has been manic and planning a wedding has been gradually taking over my spare time! Only 11 days to go now though. This thought is equally terrifying and exciting.

I’m fairly sure April is going to be incredible, but March wasn’t too bad. Here are my 4 highlights from last month:

1: A farm based day out with the godsons.

Jonny and I are very lucky to have 2 super-cute godsons. One of whom is 7, the other 18 months. When they (and their equally lovely parents) visited in the middle of March we took them to a local petting farm. As much for my enjoyment as the kids as there were ridiculously gorgeous baby lambs and miniature sheep. Miniature sheep! I didn’t even realise this was a thing. My life was essentially made playing with all the teeny creatures. The cutest thing of the day, however, was the 7 year old godson buying me a surprise baby lamb toy from the gift shop. He was about to spend his own money on it before Jonny gallantly stepped in to help him out. It was definitely a really touching little moment!

2: Wedding crafting.

I spent the Easter bank holiday weekend at my parents’ house as Jonny was in Wales for his stag do. Alongside the mothership we got creative putting finishing touches to tiny bunting, vintage glassware table decorations and the flower girl dress.  I squeezed a visit in to see said flower girl (my goddaughter) during the weekend and she was a charming little delight. I think her and the smallest godson are going to steal the day come the 16th!

3: Receiving flowers

During March I received beautiful flowers from 3 different people. The mothership brought me a selection of Easter blooms, my friend Cherida came up for dinner and provided a second incredible bunch, and Ross and Sam brought me a fab belated 30th birthday bouquet. Having a house filled with flowers is always lovely. More so, when they’ve been provided by brilliant friends and family.  It’s now back to my bargain favourites of daffodils throughout the house until they’re replaced by a wedding bouquet later this month!

4: York hen do

I know this wasn’t technically March as it happened over the last weekend in February but it’s definitely up there in the good things that have happened this year. Cocktails, dinner, museum and shopping with my favourite lovely ladies was just what I hoped for. Coupled with some fantastic goodie bags organised by my chief bridesmaid, Roz. Roz also created a floral crown and managed to source a ‘bride to be’ sash that wasn’t pink and shiny. Ten out of ten for her efforts towards a ‘classy’ hen do!

Thanks for everything March, despite knowing that April is definitely about to steal your thunder!

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