Work VS Gin


You know those weeks where it feels like all you’ve done is either work or housework? The ones when your to-do list keeps growing rather than shrinking no matter how much work you’re doing?

Well this week is being one of those bad boys. Half the teaching staff at school are currently off sick, which has made things all the more manic for those of us still holding on!

It got to the point this evening that I had a little self-indulgent, stressed out cry and basically got a hold of myself.

Life is too short to let work stress get to me. I’ve not been too bad at putting on a positive front this week amidst the chaos but a mammoth staff meeting this evening tipped me over the edge.

I need to make more me time. Time to blog/vent/spend some time just writing the rubbish in my head/what’s going on in my life. I like my little patch of internet and it’s been sadly neglected of late.

I’ll post soon about my lovely and wonderful hen do, which was helped along by some very lovely and very wonderful friends!

Tonight, however, is not for work. It’s for abandoning the pile of marking in favour of gin. I’m consciously turning my rubbish Thursday night around into a great Thursday night. I’m putting my big girl pants on and refusing to let work get to me anymore. Even typing that feels like a weight being lifted!

Here’s to less work stress and more gin!

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