My Current W-I-P

Cardigan WIP

I’ve been trying to force myself to be more creative although since I returned to work after the Summer break this has fallen by the wayside.

My current work-in-progress is this little heap of green marl. It’s going to (eventually) be a 3/4 sleeve cardigan. I really do love the wool so I’m kicking myself into gear and setting a target to have this finished by Christmas. I’m aware that’s a while away but I felt it was better to set myself a realistic target.

The knitting bag has been cleared so this little number is the only item in there,mainly so I don’t get distracted tinkering with something else! My plan is to spend at least 15 minutes knitting it each evening, in the hope that it helps me to  de-stress after work.

Fingers crossed I manage to get it finished!

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