Too Early To Plan Christmas?

Xmas Nativity Scene

I love Christmas. Everything about the season building up to it to the day itself makes me happy. As a result I start to get a little overexcited way before most sane people.

Deciding that some of my presents will be homemade gives me a legitimate excuse to start planning early. If I want to squeeze in crafting time around working full time I need to be thinking about making a start soon.

Last Christmas I gave handmade presents to some people and they were well received so I’m planning to do the same again this year. Pinterest and my stash of craft books are my allies whilst doing this. I have a board specifically for handmade gift ideas which is slowly starting to fill up.

Fingers crossed I manage to get everything I’m planning to make completed on time!

How about you? Are you an organised planner for Christmas, or do you prefer to leave things to the last minute?

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