Changing My Name

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It’s no secret that I’m overexcited about getting married next year although there’s one thing (pain in the backside guest list aside) that has been hard to decide.

Changing my name.

Since I was younger I’d always assumed that I’d keep my last name once I got married. I like Carville and the fact that it isn’t particularly common helps. I like being the only person I know, apart from family, that has this surname. I like that it identifies me.

This assumption has been replaced by a different reality however as it means a lot to Jonny that I’ll take his surname once we get married. I’ve definitely come round to this now, and do like the fact that our children will have the same name as both of us. Double-barreling our names isn’t an option (it sounds ridiculous!) Knowing that it is something important to Jonny made this decision a lot easier. Although I may be cursing him next April when I’m knee deep in paperwork changing my name on everything!

Fortunately, the thought of post addressed to Mr and Mrs Huck makes me smile and is something I’m looking forward to now. Even if Mrs Huck sounds like a serious grown up name and I definitely don’t see myself as a serious grown up at all yet!

What about you? What’re your opinions on keeping/changing your maiden name?

6 thoughts on “Changing My Name”

  1. Both Carville and Huck suit your name nicely. 🙂

    I think it depends on the individual and the name. I know people who are of the opinion that taking their partner’s name is archaic, and others who think it’s a lovely tradition and wouldn’t have it any other way. I also have a friend getting married who is keeping her surname (it’s quite unusual while her future husband’s is quite a common name) and another who can’t wait to change her name when she gets married next year (her current surname is rather unfortunate!).

    My boyfriend and I aren’t currently fussed about marriage but we both agree I have no choice if it ever comes to taking his surname, I would have what sounds like a proper super hero name!


  2. I would never change my name…I really like it all and as I have an academic career I’m happy that my surname is associated with my PhD and any work I publish in the future. As I don’t want children, I’m not concerned about the idea of a family sharing a name. My parents divorced when I was in primary school so for most of my life I’ve had a different surname from my mum. I completely respect everyone’s own decision though, it just annoys me when people don’t think about it. Yay to being Mrs Huck!


  3. Yes to what Amy says – each to their own and if it works for you, that’s cool, but it drives me CRAZY when couples don’t even consider the fact a woman might keep her own name. I would never change mine, and luckily I’m marrying a total feminist babe who would probably freak out if I proposed changing my surname to his!


    1. You’re very lucky. We have a friend who just assumed (without discussion) that his partner would take his name. Needless to say it led to a slightly heated discussion!


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