Day Out at Skipton Castle

Despite having lived in either Yorkshire or Lancashire most of my life I’d never visited Skipton Castle, which pretty much sits between the two counties.

This Christmas holiday (this is a VERY delayed blog post!) Jonny’s parents took us there for a lovely afternoon out.

It was bitterly cold but the incredible building more than made up for that. I hadn’t realised just how intact the castle still was. You could almost wander in and set up home there now. Albeit a very cold home.

Skipton Castle 1

Skipton Castle 2

Skipton Castle 3

We wandered around following the guide, marvelling at the 400 year old Yew tree, and investigating the 12th Century chapel remains.

I would definitely recommend Skipton Castle for a day out if you’ve never been before! I’m already contemplating taking Jonny back there once the weather is warmer, to take some photos of the fortress against a summer sky!

Skipton Castle 4

Skipton Castle 5

Skipton Castle 6

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