2014 Resolutions: Final Review

2014 Resolutions

Last time I looked at my resolutions I hadn’t quite hit them all. This time the year’s come full circle. Here’s how I did with them:

1.  Run 10km! NOT DONE

Total fail on this one. 2015 needs to be the year I sort my fitness routine out.

2. Use toy cameras. DONE

I did use these more this year, and intend to continue doing so. There’s something exciting about not knowing what a photo will look like until it’s developed!

3.  Read more. DONE

I definitely reignited my love of reading this year. Something I plan on keeping up with!

4. Be more creative. DONE

I’ve loved knitting, sewing, painting and creating my way through 2o14 and even made the Christmas presents I’d planned on earlier this year!

5. Think positively. DONE

Definitely still a work in progress but my approach to life compared to a year ago is definitely a lot more positive!

6. Save money. DONE-ISH

This was great at the start of the year then slowed once I was out of work. The saving I did manage, though, came in as a handy reserve for the last 4 months of 2014 whilst I searched for a new job.

7. More time offline! NOT DONE

I’m still guilty of being an online time waster. I’m the ultimate procrastinator and can waste ages faffing with nonsense on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Whilst these aren’t bad sites to visit, I really do need to reduce the time I spend on them!

8. Declutter! DONE

My clothes collection got an overhaul, as did my possessions. I think I can safely say now that the only things I have in my house are things I really value. It was also a good exercise as it helped remind me of things I own that I’d forgotten about!

Did you make any resolutions in 2014? How did you do with them?

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