Christmas in the North West

It’s no secret that I love Christmas. It’s easily my favourite time of the year. The 1st December sees me putting up our tree and generally filling our home with Christmas related tat!

Xmas Tree

Xmas Reindeer

Xmas Sewing Machine

Being our first Christmas living together, this one feels special. It was nice to decorate a shared space. It definitely feels more festive than my little flat did last year.

Xmas Candle

Xmas Lego

Xmas Window

Our decorations are eclectic (and that’s being polite!) ranging from the little wooden nativity scene I painted, through the traditional tree to a Lego Christmas party scene (leftovers from last year’s Lego advent calendar!)

Xmas Nativity Scene

Xmas Phone

What does your home look like for Christmas? Have you decorated yet?

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