20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me

I was a bit stumped about what to post about today, so decided I’d tell you a little more about myself in the form of 20 random facts.

Here you go; 20 facts about me:

1. The blog name ‘Halfway Home’ came from a lovely Jason Mraz song.

2. My favourite song, however, is Mr Brightside by The Killers.

3. I’m an Aquarius (which apparently means I’m creative, stubborn and have a weird sense of humour!)

4. Getting my BA (Hons) History in 2007 is one of my proudest achievements.

5. I have 4 piercings and 1 tattoo. (I used to have 8 piercings.)

6. Touring around Italy would be my dream holiday. (I’ve never been before!)

7. My boyfriend (Jonny) makes me collect ‘wife points.’ Apparently when I hit 100 I’ll get a proposal…

8. I drive a Fiat 500, and it’s easily the best car I’ve ever had. I’m in love with it.

9. Winter is my favourite season. I love wrapping up in lots of cosy layers, I love Christmas, I love snow and my birthday falls in winter; what’s not to love!

10. My favourite childhood book was Can’t You Sleep Little Bear. Closely followed by anything written by Beatrix Potter.

11. I’m scared of spiders, cows and wasps. I’m an actual wimp.

12. My parents’ Springer Spaniel, Purdey is my favourite animal in the whole world. She always makes me smile with her constant need for attention.

13. My little brother lives in Sydney, Australia and I miss him a ridiculous amount.

14. My guilty pleasure is playing on The Sims.

15. I taught myself to knit to stave off the boredom of unemployment in 2009.

16. My favourite colour constantly changes but it’s generally either red or turquoise.

17. The thing that annoys me most is bad manners. Saying please, thank you, excuse me and sorry costs nothing!

18. When I was 20 I had appendicitis. The hospital almost wouldn’t let me sign the operation consent form because they thought I was under 16. (I’ll be grateful for looking younger than I am once I’m 40!)

19. Jonny and I were good friends for 8 years before we finally became a couple!

20. 10 Things I Hate About You is my favourite film. I can pretty much quote along to it word-for-word. If you haven’t watched it you really should!


2 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me”

  1. I love lists like these and finding out more about people! Intrigued by the idea of ‘wife points’, how many are you on and what do you have to do to earn them?! Or is it all a secret, ust to be revealed when you get a proposal? Exciting!


    1. I’m currently on 72 (I think he’s starting to panic now I’m actually nearing 100!) I get them for all sorts, from quoting a particularly hilarious Blackadder joke to cooking him homemade curry. I have a feeling he’ll start being less generous now I’m racking up the points!


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