Positive Thinking

If I’m completely honest I’ve really struggled my way through the past few months. Leaving my job and the following months of unemployment hasn’t helped. I’ve been very down, finding it hard to find motivation to do anything productive with my day (even the mundane tasks like laundry were taking all my energy.)

In order to get myself out of the cycle of no motivation/feeling down/worrying about not doing anything useful with my life I talked to Jonny and my brother, Ben. They were fantastic, and instead of saying I was being a big drama queen/that I needed to sort my life out they’ve been really helpful.  Between them, and with their encouragement I have started making small changes to my days to help improve my mood.



I started by practising Mindfulness. I was sceptical at first about how much this would work, but so far the meditations from this book have been great at helping me find focus and clear my mind. Making me think more rationally about the events in day to day life, has helped put things into perspective for me, which has led to a more relaxed, happy me.

At a suggestion from my brother’s friend I’ve also started keeping a ‘good things diary.’ As cheesy as it sounds, simply writing down anything that has happened during my day that rates 6 out of 10 or higher helps me think of the positives of a day, rather than dwelling on the negatives.  These can be as simple as having a Lush bath bomb filled bath, to going for  a walk or enjoying a hot chocolate in our cute local tea shop.

Making a conscious effort to focus on the positive, instead of the negative has really helped make me happier. It sounds ridiculously simple, but I have to encourage myself to do this every day. As a result I’ve had more motivation, I’m being more creative again (the laundry is getting done!) and there’s definitely a happier mood in our little home!

2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking”

  1. I completely agree with this – I finished my PhD in the summer and have been job hunting for months, several interviews but no job. It is incredibly hard and frustrating to be in this situation. Some days I feel like I’ve done nothing other than search job sites and see everybody be more successful than me. So yes, it is definitely important to see the good in each day, even if they are little good things 🙂


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